CamPro™ Stationary Induction Heat Treating For Camshafts

CamPro™ Induction Heating Systems utilize patented SHarP-C™ (Stationary Hardening Process for Camshafts) hardening technology, which eliminates work piece rotation during the induction heat treating process. There are several practical, economical and technical benefits associated with this unique technology including; dramatically reduced maintenance cost, simple operation, longer tooling life, improved part quality and the potential elimination of post heat treat straightening operations.

Inductotherm Group Brasil Ltda

R. Herminio de Mello, 526, Indaiatuba/SP, CEP 13347-330

Increased Production

  • Non-contact / Stationary Hardening
  • Only 1 moving part (Open/Close)
  • Increased throughput – Short heat times – less than 4 seconds
  • Production rates up to 90 parts/ hour

Improved Quality

  • Robust CNC machined inductors. No moving powered parts.
  • Virtually no distortion – Less than 10 microns due to short heat times
  • Potentially eliminate post straightening operation
  • Dramatically reduced need for aggressive post harden grinding
  • Reduced sensitivity to geometric deviations and cam positioning compared to scan hardening processes
  • Improved microstructure of hardened material
  • True contour pattern

Reduced Downtime

  • Production ready “quick change” pallet assembly for fast coil changeover
  • Improved tooling life
  • Modular design permits fast part changeovers

Reduced Operating Costs

  • Substantially reduced operating cost compared to scan hardening
  • Substantially reduced maintenance cost
  • 50% less energy consumption compared to conventional induction heat treating

Tech Specs

Machine Dimensions124.5 ” W (3162.3 mm) x 98 ” (2489.2 mm)
Weight6800 lbs. (3085 kg)
Production Capacity90 Parts Per Hour
Power Output150 kW – 300 kW
Output Frequency10 kHz – 30 kHz
Work Piece TypeAutomotive Camshafts
Coil Pallets1 SHarP-C™ Coil Pallet
ControlsStandard Allen Bradley Compact Logix PLC (other control packages available)